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We are your Colorado Springs transportation specialists!

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Based Out Of Colorado Springs, Connecting You to Everywhere

Our primary coverage area is Colorado Springs and surrounding areas, but we can provide transportation throughout the entire state.  Want to go site seeing in the mountains?  Need a ride to Denver International Airport?  Have a specialist doctors appointment in Grand Junction?  No matter what your need, we are available to fulfill your transportation needs.

Who We Are



 At COS Taxi we take your safety and comfort seriously.  All of our drivers are vetted, FBI fingerprint background checked, have their vehicles, driving records, and health inspected regularly by state authorized representatives, and are bonded and insured.

Where We Come From


We originated as a group of existing taxi drivers within the greater Colorado Springs area.  The original group has over 5 Decades of transportation, and over 100 years of working within this great community.  Since then, we continue to add seasoned drivers to our core, just to make sure that we may always be able to answer the questions you may have as far as places to go and where to eat!

Our Mission


Our goal is to always provide a safe, timely, friendly, and comfortable ride.  Anyone can get you from point A to point B, but not just anyone can know the area the way a veteran cab driver can.

About Us



Fares are calculated by the use of a METER which must be activated by the driver. The applicable fares as approved by and on file with the PUC (Public Utility Commission) are as follows:
$2.50 flag drop, PLUS 24 Cents for each additional tenth of fraction of a Mile.
Waiting Time is charged at rate of 20 Cents per 30 seconds or 40 cents per minute.
Additional Charges: $0.50 for each additional passenger over age 12, not including the first.  All toll charges shall be added to the normal fare.

Multi-Load Option: Individuals or parties not travelling together who agree to share a cab to destinations in the same area or along the same route shall pay the normal shortest route fare to his or their destination, except that each such fare of $4.00 or more shall be reduced by 20%.  (No reductions shall apply to additional charges).

Any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact COS Taxi at (719) 400-1111 or the PUC at (800) 888-0170